SKUSA to officially adopt ASPEN Sport as new spec racing fuel in an effort to promote safer and cleaner solutions for racers and the environment

08 November 2021 – TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA – Superkarts! USA today announced they will adopt Aspen SPORT as the official racing fuel for SKUSA competition, beginning with this December’s 24th annual SKUSA SuperNationals. The move comes after extensive research and multiple fuel tests, comparing the Aspen SPORT product to previous offerings in the marketplace.

Aspen is a global leader in producing clean fuels throughout the world, and a longtime market leader in the Scandinavian marketplace. This is in large part to Aspen’s commitment to producing the cleanest and safest fuel possible, with audited research and testing to validate their claims.

SKUSA underwent and performed a neutral comparison test of their own, after the SKUSA SpringNationals. A third-party research company audited and measured Aspen fuels to that of the competition, with results showing an undeniable advantage for Aspen.

The main findings are as follows:
  • Aspen SPORT being an unleaded fuel, eliminates all risk of lead exposure.
  • Traditional leaded racing fuels emit breathable lead in the amount of up to 2.6 μg/m3 (microgram per cubic meter) during a typical karting race. Far above safe levels.
  • Under racing conditions, Aspen SPORT reduces exposure to harmful hydrocarbons including benzene (.33 μg/m3 on average) and toluene (3.74 μg/m3 on average) by 40%-50% — levels which are considered safe from a public health perspective.
  • By reducing toluene and benzene emissions, Aspen SPORT protects drivers from longer-term health effects such as anemia, leukemia, and neurological harm. Using Aspen’s fuel provides a far safer alternative to the leaded counterpart. Furthermore, a push towards clean energy meets or exceeds clean energy initiatives throughout the country.
  • Whereas other commonly used racing fuels increase driver exposure by at least 66% to hydrocarbon emissions which contain toxic compounds. These emissions are shown to cause cancer and produce other adverse health effects.

“It’s no secret clean energy is where motorsports are headed,” suggested SKUSA principal Tom Kutscher. “One look at the racing landscape will tell you as much. We really sought to get out ahead of this and lead the way. The research says it all. As a father myself and someone who thinks about the safety and wellbeing for our racers, inhaling leaded emissions race after race is just not sensible. Aspen is worldwide leader in clean energy, and their products are trusted by racing series throughout the world — for a reason.”

Aspen’s president and CEO Stefan Bergstrom was also enthusiastic about the prospects. “Aspen SPORT is the next generation racing fuel that will enhance the overall racing experience by offering top performance while being kinder to drivers, the racing community, and the environment. By working with the experienced and passionate SKUSA team, the product will reach all corners of the go-kart and motocross racing world.”

Leaded fuel in consumer vehicles was phased out in 1996. Twenty-five years later, it’s still scantly used in motorsports. With local, state, and federal governments pushing harder to tackle environmental concerns, the move to an unleaded supplier like Aspen ensures SKUSA can chart their own course to compliance.

Aspen fuel will be available for purchase beginning Nov 8th.It will be available for purchase through IAME USA WEST dealer portal for the time being. If you are not a dealer, please fill out a dealer application HERE.